© Lammers-Koll-Verlag 2010 - 2014 Heinz Grill  Climbing Routes in the Sarca Valley A rhythmical experience in climbing In the last few years Heinz Grill has accomplished over 60 first ascents in the  Sarca Valley. This climbing guide is a collection of his work. In it he describes,  starting with his personal experiences, how he developed these aesthetic  climbing routes, with full-page pictures, artistically drawn topographies and large,  clear images of the climbing walls. The characteristics of each tour and "the art  of the sensitive movement" are described in separate chapters, enriched by  drawings. The many coloured, sometimes full-page photographs inspires to take  on new ventures or triggers memories of the remarkable parts of each climbing  tour. This guidebook not only shows technical information for each tour, but also  summarizes the art of climbing developed by Heinz Grill in a magnificent  illustrated book. ISBN 978-88-972-99-14-1 1st Edition 2011, paperback, 216 pages, more than 250 color pictures, drawings, route topograhies Price € 28,- Artemis: The giant flake in the 3rd pitch of Artemis, just before the belay station Aganippe: Final arête of the Aganippe embedded in the forest La luna argentea: The 8th pitch runs over the bright slab, the “shield”. At the first ascent, which often is a kind of exploratory trip the path over the shield was indeed the more elegant and logical. La Fessura dell’Hades: Below the overhang of the second pitch. Archai: In the red dihedral of the 8th pitch, which leads under the big roof Climbing